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Artist: Rufus ft. Chaka Khan


"Everlasting Love" / Rufus ft. Chaka Khan / Ask Rufus (ABC Records 1977) 

WARNING: Before you hit play, relax your damn self …or the music will just do it for you.

Before Chaka Khan became THEE Chaka Khan, she was apart of a group called, Rufus. This album, Ask Rufus, is regarded as one of the albums that is full of everything R&B is made of. 

I’m really not sure how to begin to describe Chaka’s voice, so I won’t. You can listen, and experience it for yourself. I can say that, as magnificent as it was, it’s only gotten and keeps getting better. She can hit every note she hit then, now, and even better. That’s a real singer for you. 

This song, ‘Everlasting Love,” was written by Kevin Murphy, David “Hawk” Wolinski, and Dennis Belfield. Wolinski, had replaced the keyboardist, and Murphy was a founding member of the group. The stuff this band made together was magical. Chaka was the groups singer, and eventually became her own star which isn’t difficult to believe at all. She still references her time with Rufus though.

The melody is so smooth and the way the phrases resolve themselves is surprisingly soulful. 

Chill. Listen. Enjoy. 

…more to come.